The decision to buy a house is an essential step in a woman’s life and especially in the life of a wife or mother. Whether you are in the first or second purchase, selecting the place that will become the home where you and your partner will raise your children remains equally important. Probably you ask yourself how to choose the right place for you and your family, from the plethora of offers on the market.

Establish the most relevant criteria for you

As a rule, the most critical factors are place, price, and type of apartment or house. First of all, we suggest that you set precisely what you want: a house or apartment. Of course, both acquisition and maintenance costs differ greatly between the two, so the financial implications can be considerably higher for a home. Read more here.

The next step is to determine the number of rooms you want. If you are married and wish to become a mum or if you already have a baby, we recommend a minimum of three bedrooms. If you plan to increase your family with two other junior members, then we suggest that you consider the 4-room apartments or the most spacious houses.

Once you have set the number of rooms, make a list of areas where you would like to live, for various reasons (the area where the workplace is located, the existence of means of transport, if necessary, the existence of kindergartens or schools in neighborhoods, etc.) and areas where you would not like to live.

Nothing is possible without money, so it is necessary to allocate a budget for this purchase. The higher the budget, the more you can afford, but you can buy good housing and an average budget. Other criteria may be near the lake, positioning, type of view, floor, subdivision.

Reach out to a realtor

A buyer’s real estate consultant will help you set or adjust the criteria, present your real estate market, select offers of interest to you, and support you step by step from view to transaction. So you will get personalized services, and you will know that those real estate consultants you work with are working solely for your interest in finding and purchasing the dwelling you want.

If you have a full-time job or if you are a mom, evidently what you lack is time, so the search for the place you call home may seem quite demanding.

What you probably did not know is that there is a Lake Realty real estate consulting service that runs through an online platform where you can see homes that consultants evaluate for you. So, you have access to all the information, and you only have to go live to watch live after you’ve decided that your homes are worth your time or for the transaction.

Following these simple steps, you will surely find the right home you call “home” in a short time and without too much effort on your part.

The choice of area for the home is of significant importance for the entire construction project. Choosing an inappropriate land may incur large extra costs and may delay the construction, including the time of the move. Also, it’s good to be cautious about utilities and all existing documents. Everything, for a proper, risk-free purchase, where to spend the next few years, maybe your whole life in the much-desired home.

The location of the land

Consider if you want an area near the city center or not. A place on the outskirts would reduce much of the purchase costs, and the money could be used to build or buy better quality finishes.

Choose your location based on your points of interest; transport facilities, schools or kindergartens nearby, easily accessible supermarkets, etc. Also, do not hesitate to test the quality of the services in that area!

Make sure that the land you want to buy is located in the town’s town, not outside.


Check everything about access and services, whether the access road is paved or not, or whether there is a direct connection to the electric current or the distance to which the field line is located. It also checks whether the land will have pedestrian access, which is particularly true in residential areas.

Take into account all the real options for each utility – natural gas, water, sewage, including connectivity – internet, cable TV – and see what options are left for you, make a calculation as much as what you want, reported to existing conditions. See how far they are to your home; you may have to pay high costs for branching if they are not near the land.

Do not forget the sound pollution! In the long run, even an air conditioner near a hypermarket, the noise from a building site, the sound from trucks, etc. can become disturbing.

An ideal batch is located 20 to 30 meters from the main street – in this case, you avoid the drowning dust caused by traffic – and the intimate area of ​​the courtyard should be opposite the street. However, it is not a rule.

Geotechnical study

Keep an eye on the flood risk and ask for a geotechnical investigation! It will show you precisely whether the soil is stable and unsurpassable. Also, the land should not be in a river bed or near wastewater.

Even if it is an expense that you feel at first, in the long run, this study will help you know what kind of foundation is needed for your home, depending on the groundwater; in addition, you know exactly what the soil configuration is.

Useful reference:

The geotechnical study will also help the architect, the structural engineer and the builder, and it is then necessary to obtain the building permit.

The surface of the land

For a minimum of comfort, you will need a courtyard of at least 1000 sqm. Obviously, many homes have far less space that owners are trying to use as efficiently as possible.

Take into account the shape of the land because it will “dictate,” more or less, the way of the house; for example, if your field has an elongated shape, most likely the house design will follow almost the same geometry.